Experiment, explore and discover new architectural values ​​and apply them in all manifestations, are key objectives of Clement & Rico Architects, who with over 30 years of experience in Mendoza and around the country, dedicated to innovation in design and cutting-edge projects.

The staff of Clement & Rico Architects, combines experience and new ideas in innovative and customized projects, solving all the problems of design and construction to achieve total customer satisfaction.



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The members of this team assume with each client a commitment of integral assistance, by granting each project the most studied proposals. They are prepared to coordinate each construction project to final execution, ensuring innovation, distinction and using the best technology in the fulfillment of these projects.


They claim that one of the basic principles of architecture is simplicity.


Liliana Clement

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Liliana Clement graduated from the School of Architecture and Urban Planning at the University of Mendoza with a degree in architecture and has an specialization in Industrial Architecture with a minor in wineries.


She soon stood out working in the planning and construction of many neighborhoods. Being very young and due to her meticulous job, she was the director of two construction companies. Important personalities of Mendoza trusted them to build their homes, offices and buildings as well as remodeling and urban development projects. She currently leads Clement & Rico Architects.


Luis Rico

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Luis Rico has a degree in architecture from the School of Architecture and Urban Planning at the University of Mendoza.
His constant desire for improvement led him to obtain a postgraduate degree in Projectual Updating at the University of Buenos

Aires, a postgraduate course on Current Trends and a course in Active Marketing at the University of Belgrano, as well as he

developed  work-study  experiences in other countries as Chile, the Dominican Republic and Spain.
As a student he began collaborating with Clement & Rico Architects and nowadays he is a partner.