PROJECTS / Residential / P1



Location: Pueyrredon Neighbourhood
Area: 1000 m2
Total Built area: 650 m2
Year: 2009
Functionally the house has three bedrooms upstairs fortified with balconies and perimetral terraces and the ground floor is

reserved for the spaces for family sociability and services. The spatial connection between upper and lower floors is done

through a wooden staircase of austere character but that expresses lightness and transparency.
The consolidated space of the dining room and sitting room offers comfort and is identified with the young and modern spirit of

the inhabitants.
Without stridencies, the furniture meets the needs and comfort of a family that enjoys the relationship with nature.

The house has few decorative elements, adjusted to the minimalist taste of it’s their owners. It deserves special mention

luminaires in common areas of technological spirit that dialectically contrast with
Artworks linked to a regionalist character, generating a formal tension that enriches the senses.

The volumetric game hierarchizes the street corner that slowly has been changing its physiognomy incorporating works that

privilege the abstract game of modern forms, with few but noble materials, emphasizing a sense of classicist architecture on

which the work presented is an example to take into account and to be valued.